“I love jewelry—golds and diamonds. I am a woman.” – Monica Belluci

When it comes to fine jewelry that is always going to be considered more important than others, it would be fair to say that engagement rings and wedding bands are right up there at the top of the list!

The thing about engagement rings is that they haven’t really changed much over the years, with the most recognizable type of ring being a solitaire ring, most often a round diamond as a center stone in a design that is simple yet elegant, and completely classic.

For people who are undecided about the type of engagement ring they want, jewelers will inevitably suggest the classic ring style. The argument for beautiful and classic needs no defense, but an engagement ring design can still be in keeping with classic traditions while also incorporating some more eye-catching elements that can really make it a statement ring.

The first thing that comes to mind for a diamond engagement ring is arguably a simple, medium carat size gemstone ring, usually in 14K white gold or platinum with a beautiful round cut diamond that will complement the wedding ring, but even within those confines, there is still so much versatility and flexibility in the bling that you can discover.

Whether you want yellow gold, something chunky, a special prong setting, a sterling silver ring rather than a rose gold ring, less conventional diamonds like pear-shaped, a three stone ring, a cluster ring or even the addition of a pave band or milgrain shank, there is definitely a ring set out there that is perfect for each individual wearer.

Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

That little list above is just a small insight into the elements that can be considered when choosing a diamond engagement ring. With numerous options within each, the main categories of ring design selection are:

Precious metal - choices include yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium and titanium.

Type of diamond - natural diamond, lab-grown (synthetic) diamonds, moissanite or faux stones such as cubic zirconia.

Fit - a choice of regular or comfort fit.

Diamond cut (shape) - Round, emerald, heart, cushion, baguette, oval, marquise, pear, trapeze, Asscher and princess cut.

Setting - includes prong, bezel, channel, illusion, Tiffany, flush, invisible, and pave.

Style - includes solitaire, halo, cluster, three stone.

You will also need to consider practical factors like your budget, carat v clarity, antique or modern style. It is helpful to educate yourself a little before going ring shopping, particularly on the 4Cs because all the other factors can simply be a matter of personal choice.

The 4Cs are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight and make up the grading system by which diamonds are valued. Every diamond sold in the USA should have a certificate detailing its 4Cs issued by the Gemological Institute of America.

Now you have a grasp of the basics, here are 10 different unique and bold band rings that are perfect as an engagement ring, especially if you aren’t looking for a simple gold band with a bezel set diamond center stone. Each of these rings will make a real statement on the finger.

Round Cut Diamond Eternity Band - Rose Gold

An eternity ring is a great choice for an engagement ring, not just for its beauty but also for the message of everlasting love that it carries in its design.

This particular round cut studded eternity ring is sensational in rose gold, and if you are the kind of couple who want to buck a little bit of tradition and find a ring for the male partner to also wear before the wedding, then the good news is that there are plenty of men’s rings that can be found in an eternity band style to create a handsome match.

18K White and Yellow Gold Bond Ring

This is one of the more unique engagement rings on our list, featuring amazing interlinking thread elements that make this design an eye-catching statement piece.

The interlinking nature of the mixed metals creates a pleasing art deco vibe, which is incredibly on-trend in the modern jewelry landscape.

This ‘stacked’ look also gives the impression of the ring having a wide band, which can be a great choice for anybody with larger hands and therefore a larger ring size.

Cogo Center Stone Ring - White Gold

If you want to let every single person in the room know that you are engaged and in love, then a ring like this will certainly do the trick!

The stunning large cluster of white diamonds at the center of the ring setting will catch the light even in the gloomiest of spaces, it can’t help it!

It seems silly to say that a ring with such a striking gemstone center is simple, but the elegance and cleanness of the design make this a very modern choice that still resonates with some of the classic engagement ring choices.

Chevron V2 - Rose Gold

This is a fun and modern take on the traditional engagement ring, both in design and shape.

This ring set comes as a pair of stackable, slimline rings, one with studded set diamonds running across the band and the other complementing the diamonds with a simple beaded effect.

Which order you stack them in is entirely up to you, which gives you a degree of customization and freedom in making the jewelry truly your own.

Careless - Yellow Gold

The name of this ring might be ‘Careless’, but we can assure you it is anything but!

The name is a cheeky nod to the unconventional design of the band, which appears to snake around the finger in an unplanned fashion, but the effect it has when worn is totally beautiful.

This is the perfect kind of ring for any woman who likes to go against the grain when it comes to jewelry choices and aesthetics. You still get the beauty of the diamonds, just wrapped in a package that is more your style!

Round Fancy Yellow Diamond - White Gold

If you really want to make a true statement, then being able to afford a whopping 12-carat colored diamond in a halo style is definitely a loud shout!

This beautiful yellow diamond is surrounded by a ring of white diamonds, bringing the total value of this stunning piece of jewelry way beyond just your everyday ring category! If you ever end up with a ring like this on your finger, then you can be sure that your fiancé means business.

However, if yellow isn’t your color, then there are plenty of engagement rings to be found featuring the likes of topaz, blue sapphire, and amethyst. It doesn’t have to be white diamonds just because that is the accepted norm for engagement rings.

Marquise Cut Diamond Eternity Band - Platinum

This ring is an interesting take on the eternity band style, using individual small marquise cut diamonds rather than simpler round cut stones to create something that looks almost gothic in its design.

Again, this is a great choice for any prospective fiancé who likes to be experimental and different with their jewelry choices. The detail is exquisite and in some lights, might even look like the kind of ring that a character would wear in a wonderful fantasy story!

Paved Diamond Ring - Rose Gold

If jewelry preferences lean towards a more minimalistic style, then a pave diamond ring can be an ideal choice. You still get all of the bling thanks to the rows of smaller stones, but not the drama of a single center stone that can seem to be over the top in some people’s minds.

This ring in particular presents itself in a very minimalist and elegant way, with a tucked-in design that isn’t too ‘showy’ but still packs a punch.

A pave diamond ring is a great choice for those with small fingers and hands who don’t want to get swamped by a large gemstone on a thin band.

Rose Petal Ring - White Gold

On the other hand, if you want to cover as much surface area on your finger as possible, then something like this rose petal design ring is perfect!

Fashioned in the shape of a petal, this surface area of this ring will definitely make the kind of romantic statement of love that you are hoping for. Who could say no to a proposal with this beauty in the box?

You don’t often get the chance to display something floral in a diamond engagement ring, but this gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Emerald Cut Ring With Two Side Stones - Platinum

Emerald cut diamonds are probably some of the most coveted and valuable in the whole world, so if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one for your own engagement ring, you will be a very lucky girl!

This particular ring features a 2 carat emerald cut stone in its center, and for even more luxury and grandeur it is also complemented with two smaller side stones that evoke ultimate beauty and shimmer.

The platinum band is the icing on top of the cake, a truly amazing engagement ring that will become a family heirloom for many years to come.


There is a perfect diamond engagement ring out there for every bride-to-be. If you can’t find one that fits your dream vision, a bespoke ring is the answer. Good luck with your search and we wish you happy forthcoming nuptials.


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