Whether you're unable to think of something else or it's a conscious decision, jewelry always makes a suitable gift. To make it an even more perfect gift, you can ensure the item has a personal connection to your recipient. 

This connection can totally vary from person to person but one common theme is birthstone jewelry.  Birthstone jewelry is any piece of jewelry that contains the designated gemstone or semi-precious stone for a birth month or zodiac sign. 

The birthstones are very varied and some believe them to have healing or protective powers against evil spirits but they can be enjoyed simply as beautiful gifts too.

The great news for anybody celebrating an April birthday is that the official birthstone is dazzling diamonds! Diamond jewelry is always special but presented as an April birthday gift gives it a personal touch and makes it a truly thoughtful gift. 

The range of diamond birthstone gifts is super wide and super varied, with April birthdays arguably having the best birthstone jewelry gift options in jewelry stores across the world and online.

From birthstone earrings to birthstone bracelets to birthstone rings and more, there are countless different birthstone pieces that can be discovered that use sparkling diamonds. Here is a guide to pieces in a diamond birthstone jewelry collection, any of which would make the perfect birthday gift for anyone who loves meaningful presents. 

Diamond Earrings 


You cannot go wrong with a pair of diamond studs! The great thing about classic diamond stud earrings is that they are suitable in any kind of setting from relaxed casual to the most formal. They work with any color and any style of outfit. They also are easy to match with any other jewelry in an ensemble. 

There is a simple elegance to diamond earrings that can't be beaten by any other kind of gemstone, and you never, ever have to worry about them going out of fashion. They are truly timeless.

You can use the diamond stud builder feature on the Stein Diamonds website to help create the perfect set of earrings for your recipient. The feature lets you dictate and control every single aspect of the jewelry design to ensure that it is perfect for the person and the occasion.

Alternatively, diamond drop earrings are also great for gifting if the recipient in question likes a little bit more drama and dimension in their jewelry!

Diamond Bracelet



From bangle bracelets to chain bracelets and tennis bracelets to custom bracelets and everything in between, this particular accessory is an ideal diamond piece to gift because a person's wrists are pretty much always on display for the world to see!

The scintillating sparkle of beautiful diamonds that catch the light when worn on the wrist is incredibly elegant and sophisticated, and something that is always going to delight any jewelry lover. 

Modern jewelry designers are very creative in their artistry and there are some very different pieces to be enjoyed. Even the trendiest fashionista can be wowed by a paper clip bracelet while a boho chick will surely fall in love with an art nouveau-inspired flower bracelet.

If you are buying for a charm bracelet enthusiast, then you can perhaps select a single diamond charm that they can add to their existing collection to mix and match with what they already have. 

Another wonderful factor of diamond bracelets is their timeless quality makes them perfect for including in a layered look, the most popular trend in jewelry in the early 2020s.

Whatever your recipient's personal beloved bracelet style happens to be, you will definitely be able to find an item that works for them.

Diamond Necklace 


When a lot of people think about the phrase 'diamonds are a girl's best friend', they come up with iconic images of Marilyn Monroe wearing a stunning diamond pendant necklace. Though you might not be able to gift something as extravagant as that, there is no doubt that a diamond necklace for women makes for the perfect April birthday gift!

A diamond stone necklace achieves the same effect as a pair of diamond earrings in the sense that the accessory literally goes with everything, from all possible outfit ensembles to all possible occasions to all possible makeup combinations.

Whether you think something small and dainty will work best for your loved one, or you want to be more extravagant and 'out there' with your choice, the great thing about having classic diamonds as your inspiration is that you know there is always going to be a wide range to select from.

Diamond Ring


Gears Diamond Fashion Ring (0.23 cttw)

Although diamond rings are most commonly worn as engagement rings, they are far from being limited to this use. Anyone can wear a diamond ring. You might pick a fancy cocktail ring or a signet ring. Fashion rings like a chevron ring set with diamonds will always make a statement and you can mark a truly special birthday with an anniversary ring or diamond eternity band

There are plenty of diamond fashion rings to choose from that will be ideal for a birthday celebration. A diamond halo birthstone ring, for example, will definitely go down a treat for anybody who loves to show off with their jewelry choices.

Of course, if you are planning a birthday gift for your partner and you think it might finally be time to pop the big question, then the perfect diamond gift to present them with would be a diamond engagement ring! There are lots of different versions and designs of engagement rings available in this modern age of jewelry, but we tend to think sticking with a more traditional solitaire diamond ring is the way to go if you want your proposal to go off without any hitches!

Loose Diamond

Although there are plenty of stunning ready-to-wear pieces already available that would make excellent choices, there is also the option of buying a loose diamond that can be used as a central or accent stone on a custom piece of jewelry.

At Stein Diamonds you can browse our range of loose diamonds to find the stone that is perfect for what you have in mind. You can select every aspect of the stone from carat size to clarity to shape to cut and more ... everything that needs to be considered when buying a diamond.

The great thing about choosing to buy a loose diamond rather than a pre-constructed piece of jewelry is that you have much more control over which elements of the stone you want to prioritize. For example, if you want a larger size but want to save a little bit of money by compromising on the clarity grade, then all you need to do is set those filters and see what comes up. If you want the most faultless stone possible but only have a certain budget when it comes to carat weight, the loose diamond filters will allow you to see the most affordable stones sorted by the best clarity grades.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry to mark the birthday of an April-born loved one or friend this month, then look no further than the wide range of exceptional options that can be found at Stein Diamonds.

We have a huge range of diamond jewelry in many designs from vintage inspired to ultra-contemporary. If your budget is not as big as you'd like it to be, we urge you to look at our jewelry pieces that are set with lab-created diamonds. You will be able to purchase a stunning piece of jewelry at half the price of a piece containing mined stones yet lose nothing in the qualities of what makes diamonds so desirable. 

Take a look at everything we have to offer; we can guarantee that you will find something you love, or that the person you are buying for will love!