Rolex is a brand that’s synonymous with quality and luxury. So it’s no surprise that it’s often the top choice of today’s elite athletes when they’re off the playing field. 

And many of today’s elite athletes don’t stop at owning just one Rolex. They often amass enviable collections of the luxe timepieces, and can be seen wearing their various models while accepting trophies, out on the town, or on their social media profiles. 

Wonder who the top Rolex lovers are among today’s top athletes? Here are some of the legendary brand’s biggest fans. 

LeBron James 

NBA superstar LeBron James has a number of Rolexes, and appears to be partial to yellow gold versions of the watches. He’s been spotting wearing yellow gold versions of the Yacht-Master II, the Sky-Dweller, and the Day-Date II. 

James’ fondness for Rolex appears to be a more recent development. In the past, he sported Audemars Piguet pieces, and even had a special edition watch with Piguet, but he seems to have made a switch to wearing Rolex almost exclusively in recent years. 

Conor McGregor

UFC fighter Conor McGregor has shown on his Instagram that he’s a fan of luxury living, including wearing Rolex watches. The Irish native can regularly be seen wearing his Everose Sky-Dweller, yellow gold Yacht-Master II, and Rolex President on his social media profile. 

Dwayne Wade 

Dwayne Wade is among short roster of NBA players who’ve been sponsored by watch brands. While Wade is sponsored by Hublot, not Rolex, he appears to be a huge fan of Rolex. Wade has a wide collection of Rolexes and has been seen wearing the watches during post-game interviews and when accompanying his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, out on the town. 

Carmelo Anthony 

NBA legend Carmelo Anthony is a known watch fanatic. Anthony has an enviable watch collection that includes a stainless steel Yacht-Master II, a white gold Sky-Dweller, and multiple yellow gold Day-Dates. 

David Beckham 

While soccer star David Beckham’s official partnership with Rolex has ended, his love for the luxury brand lives on. Beckham has an incredible collection of Rolexes, thanks to his former position as a Rolex ambassador, and has been wearing them for years (as has his wife, former Spice Girl and current fashion world powerhouse Victoria Beckham). Beckham has been seen wearing a Rolex Sea-Dweller, a vintage submariner with a NATO strap, a vintage gold and steel GMT-Master with a brown bezel, and a vintage gold Datejust with a black leather strap.