The eternity ring is a timeless piece of jewelry with beautiful meaning. If you’re considering this gorgeous ring style, this guide is for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about eternity rings, including their meaning and why it’s especially important to order them in the right size.  


What is an Eternity Ring? 


Stein Diamonds Classic Round Cut Diamond Eternity Band in White Gold

An eternity ring is a ring that has been set with a continuous line of gemstones. Eternity rings most often feature diamonds, but they can be set with any gemstone. Sapphires and rubies are popular colored gemstone options for eternity rings, since they offer vibrancy and high durability. 

Eternity rings can feature a wide range of precious metals, setting styles, and gemstone or diamond shapes. White gold is a popular option for diamond eternity rings, as it blends in with the diamond’s bright white sparkle. Sparkle-enhancing prong settings are the most popular choice for high carat diamond eternity bands, while seamless pavé settings are the go-to for eternity bands featuring small diamonds. 


Meaning of Eternity Rings 

Stein Diamonds Scalloped Round Diamond Eternity Band in White Gold

Also known as infinity rings, eternity rings represent never-ending love. Eternity rings are often given as a gift to commemorate important milestones in romantic relationships. Since many eternity bands are quite luxe in design, they’re also sometimes seen as a symbol of luxury and prosperity. 


History of Eternity Rings 

Stein Diamonds Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Band in Rose Gold

The concept of wearing a ring as a symbol of eternal love dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, but eternity rings are a more modern invention. This design gained prominence in the 1960s, when it first became popular for married men to give eternity bands to their wives. 

Today, the eternity ring has evolved to become a classic design that’s not just reserved for married women. Eternity rings are worn as wedding jewelry and as fashion pieces, so they’re an eternally popular option to gift or buy for oneself. 


When to Give an Eternity Ring 

Stein Diamonds Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band in White Gold

It’s common to give an eternity ring as a wedding anniversary gift, especially for the first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries. When given on this occasion, eternity bands are also called anniversary bands. Anniversary bands can be worn alongside the recipient’s wedding ring set or in place of their original wedding band

Eternity rings are given to commemorate many other special occasions, like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or the birth of a child. In recent years, diamond eternity bands have also become a popular diamond engagement ring option.


Resizing Eternity Rings 

Stein Diamonds Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Band in Yellow Gold

If you’re planning on buying an eternity ring, know that you want to be completely sure you order it in the right size. This type of ring can be challenging or impossible to resize because they feature a continuous line of gemstones. Often, trying to resize an eternity ring will leave you with an unsightly gap or structural issues. It’s especially difficult to resize channel set eternity bands and high carat weight designs with large gemstones. 

Another thing you should understand about ring sizes is that all ten of a person’s fingers may be different sizes. For example, the ring finger on your left hand may be a slightly different size than the ring finger on your right hand. Because of this, you want to know the size of the exact finger an eternity band will be worn on before ordering your ring. 

If you’re at all unsure of the size you need, we recommend going to a jeweler and getting professionally sized. If you're in the Los Angeles area, visit our showroom anytime during our regular business hours and we’ll be happy to help you find your size. 


Discover Eternity Rings at Stein Diamonds 

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Whether you’re shopping for a wedding band or a special gift, an eternity ring is a beautiful choice. Find your perfect style in our eternity ring collection, featuring a gorgeous array of round and fancy shaped diamond eternity bands. 


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