One of the best things about chokers is their versatility. They look great on their own but are also a chic way to enhance a layered look. With a little creativity, you can get multiple looks out of any choker, depending on how you wear it. To give you some accessory inspiration, here are four ways to wear chokers to get different styles.

1. The Delicate Look

Bezel Set Diamond Choker With Adjustable Length

If you love delicate styles, try wearing just one simple choker for a minimalistic, chic look. Chokers like the elegant diamond choker pictured above are a sophisticated, modern way to complete an outfit, whether its a t-shirt and jeans or something more upscale.

2. The Sophisticated Layer

Left: Elysian Necklace | Right: Diamond Spear Choker

One thing that makes chokers so versatile is how easy they are to layer with other pieces. For an ultra-sophisticated layered look, try wearing a choker and a longer necklace that are similar in style. A great example of complimentary styles are the two necklaces featured above, which are both 18k gold and designed with fun, contemporary details.

3. The Elongated Look

Left: Diamond Heart Choker | Right: Diamond Circle Choker

Chokers not only look great when layered with other kinds of necklaces, they also look great layered together. Wearing two chokers together can give a unique style and the illusion of a longer neck. To get this elongated, feminine look, simply wear two complimentary chokers at slightly different lengths. This is easily done with both of the gorgeous rose gold options you see here, as they both have adjustable lengths.

4. The Distinctive Layered Look

Left: Dangling Diamond Choker | Middle: Sleek Bar Necklace | Right: Elysian Necklace in White Gold

You can create a distinctive look by using chokers as a part of a three-tiered layered look. This is a chic option that allows you to create a customized style. For the most cohesive three-tiered look, try choosing three different necklaces that are different lengths but are all the same tone, like the white gold necklaces featured here.