If you are reading this article, then the chances are that you are newly engaged and are beginning to think about finding the perfect wedding ring which will seal your commitment on the big day. If that is the case, then congratulations!

Heading to a jeweler to find the perfect wedding ring is arguably a lot harder than finding any other pieces of jewelry because it simply means that much more in the grand scheme of things. This is a ring that you are going to be wearing for the rest of your life, and you need to make sure that every single element of the ring’s style and design is something that you love and that you are excited to have on your finger.

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Once upon a time, it was simply a decision on yellow gold in a simple form but today there are so many different options In both women’s wedding rings and men’s wedding rings.

You might think that visiting a jewelry store is all about the different shapes, sizes, and available gemstones, but another very integral part of any custom design is the details of the surface of the ring band itself. One of the most interesting and important factors in finding a great accompaniment to your engagement ring is the finish.

Here is a guide to all of the different types of finishes that you can find in showrooms and online for the various precious metals that a wedding band might be made from. From popular choices in fashion jewelry to the more obscure or untraditional options, we’ve got everything listed for you to be as informed as possible in the ring-picking process!

For certain finishes, we have also included some vital maintenance information that can be taken on board to ensure that your bridal jewelry stays in as good condition as possible, for as long as possible!

Polished Finish

The polished finish is the most common and popular wedding band finish in the past and present culture. It is also known as the mirror finish due to the luminous sheen and reflective surface produced. If you are looking for an eye-catching finish that is as reflective and shiny as possible, then choose a polished finish.


Polished finish rings are likely to pick up scratches and nicks over time, and they will also develop a worn patina. Many people enjoy the unique character that these rings develop over time, but if you want it to look brand new again, then a jeweler can restore its shiny luster.

Satin Finish

A satin finish is the second most popular finish, appearing soft and smooth and very much like the fabric after which it is named. It is slightly less reflective than the mirror effect of a polish finish ring, but it still retains a high degree of luster. There is more of a gentle sheen to a satin finish ring which makes it an elegant choice for brides and grooms alike.

Matte Finish


Compared to the satin finish, matte finish rings are much more opaque and have more of a velvety texture. They produce a much more muted and subtle effect overall whilst still maintaining lots of elegance and a lavish air. The great thing about a matte finish ring is that it can mask small scratches and scuffs, which might be more suited to somebody who lives an active lifestyle. Matte is popular for men’s wedding rings.

Brushed Finish


A brushed finish ring is a textured finish that is characterized by lots of tiny burn-like marks, which is what gives it its name. This is a rugged and very visually dynamic finish that, like the matte finish, will help to hide lots of scratches and scuff marks. If you are somebody who frequently works with your hands, then a brushed finish ring might be the best fit for your lifestyle. It has become one of the most popular wedding band finishes for men.


Brushed finish rings don’t require too much touching up over time. You can perform a bit of maintenance at home by using a dry 3M scotch bite pad.

Hammered Finish

The hammered finish look is one of the more unconventional wedding band styles, but one of the most distinctive. This finish is achieved by tapping on the surface of the ring with a hammer to create small dimples that come together to produce a unique, rugged aesthetic. These rings are very intriguing and if hand-made by a jeweler rather than machine-made, they have the chance to be much more unique from ring to ring compared to something like matte or polished finish. This is quite a masculine finish iso s more suited to men’s wedding bands.


Hammered finish rings require a very low level of maintenance because the rugged nature of their design means that they can very cleverly disguise wear and tear over time. They maintain their look well because the hammer impressions are too deep to polish away.

Sandblasted Finish


Sandblasted rings are another more unusual finish, notably textured with a muted shine and slight grainy feel. Again, this is the kind of finish that helps to hide scratches very well. To the touch, they have a more coarse texture, and can sometimes almost look like stone depending on the metal you choose and the skill of your jeweler. Being one of the less common finishes, it is a ring that is going to stand out from the crowd.


Sandblasting is a finish that is very surface-level, which means that it is usually the quickest to shine up over extended periods of wear. If you want to maintain the matte-like finish of a ring like this, then you will probably need to have it touched up every year.

Stardust Finish

As the name suggests, the stardust finish is an incredibly beautiful one that gives a sparkling effect where the ring surface appears to be partly sandblasted, part polished. It is one of the less common finishes because wear and tear over time can lead to the stardust effect disappearing, but if you are somebody who likes everything celestial, this could be a great choice if you know how to maintain it effectively.

Stippled Finish

The stippled finish could be described as a more aggressive type of matte finish, where the surface resembles the look of natural stone. It is created with tiny pins beings repeatedly hit on the metal surface of the ring to give an all-over, even texture. This type of method leaves a much deeper impression on the ring metal, which means that it holds its finish the best out of all the different matte finishes.


Stippled surfaces hold their finish extremely well, and they can mask small scratches and marks for several years. When the time comes that you do want to touch it up, make sure that you return it to the original design so that they can use their specialized tools for the job.

Carved Finish

If you want to push the boat and be as unique as possible, then the possibilities for carved finish rings are pretty much endless! A jeweler can use files, drill bits, and other types of forming tools to directly impact the solid surface of a ring band and create intricate patterns, or a wax cast can be sculpted to your liking. Of course, the wider the band, the more detail you can have in the carving, but this is always a great option for someone who has a particular design in mind.


Upkeep of a carved finish ring will, of course, vary from style to style. In general, though, carved textures tend to hold up well over time, especially if the pattern has been indented very deep in the metal surface. It is always best to check with your jeweler to see if they think any special care is required.

The beauty of the number of different finishes has certainly helped to increase the popularity of men’s wedding rings. A bride has always had the spotlight on the engagement ring and the wedding ring pretty much plays second fiddle although, of course, she can choose any of the finishes above. Grooms no longer just have to consider the smooth surface of a polished band. Choices are so much more fun and exciting and provide an outlet for an expression of style and personality.

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