Bracelet stacks are a great way to have fun with your jewelry, as well as create a more personalized look. When it comes to bracelet stacking, the only real rule is to create a look you love. However, those who are new to layering bracelets might not know where to start. To help you create the perfect bracelet stack, here are some tips to help you get creative.

1. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. While traditional style guides might say that you need to stick to one precious metal, modern conventions have shown that mixing metals can create a beautiful look. Try pairing your favorite pieces in different precious metals and find what looks beautiful to you. Of course, you don’t have to mix metals to get a great stack, so feel free to keep it all one tone if that’s the look you prefer.

2. Mix up sizes and shapes. Using a variety of bracelet styles can create an incredibly unique stack. Try picking bracelets in different sizes and shapes to get a more customized look.

3. Consider using simple bangles as a base. While choosing bracelets in a variety of styles can enhance your stack, dealing with too many styles can feel overwhelming for those new to stacking. If using all statement bracelets seems like it might be too much, try using simple bangles in solid metals to start your stack. Or, if you love a minimalistic look, try creating a stack with just simple bangles for an understated option.

4. Let your stack take center stage. One important thing to consider when bracelet stacking is that you should keep the rest of your jewelry simple when wearing a layered bracelet look. Let your beautiful stack take center stage by keeping the rest of your jewelry understated when you wear your bracelets.

Get Inspired

Here are some great bracelet options to help you get inspired to build your own bracelet stack. As a bonus, all of these bracelets come in multiple metals (like yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold) so you can choose the precious metal you love most for each design.

Simple Bangle

Gold Bangle

This simple bangle, pictured here in luxe 18k yellow gold, is a great way to get your bracelet stack started, thanks to its sleek look and classic appeal.

Gradual Diamond Bracelet

Gradual Diamond Bracelet

This Bolo style adjustable bracelet features a line of glittering graduated diamonds to help you take your bracelet stack to the next level.

Entice Cuff

Entince Cuff

This detailed cuff bracelet features an eye-catching modern design and a dash of glittering diamonds, offering a contemporary option for your bracelet stack.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

There’s no bracelet more classic and elegant than a diamond tennis bracelet. Up the sophistication of your layered bracelet look by adding in a dazzling tennis bracelet.

Slender V2 Bar Bracelet

Slender V2 Bracelet

If you love an on-trend accessory, consider this beautiful rose gold and diamond bar bracelet, which features 155 shimmering pave diamonds to up your glitz factor.