The world of luxury watches enjoys a healthy and lucrative second-hand marketplace. The lively demand for older, vintage timepieces by renowned watchmakers is just as strong as the demand for brand-new releases from all the luxury watch brands. It all depends on what you have to sell, the condition of your watch, whether or not it has a special serial number/model number, and what level of interest there is from potential buyers at an auction house or looking to buy a watch online.

If you are lucky enough to have a Rolex, Daytona, Hublot, Submariner, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier, or Tag Heuer that you would like to put on the watch market, we can almost guarantee that you will not have a problem in finding an enthusiastic watch buyer.

Here are some guidelines for how to sell your watch for the best price possible, examining both physical auctions and online pre-owned watch sales.

Find The Most Appropriate Platform

The higher price you can get for your watch, the greater your satisfaction. This means finding the most appropriate platform for what you have to offer.

To get the best price, you need to have a decent idea of your watch’s value. You need to know the essential details of your watch including date of manufacture, model name, and serial number, and then with some online research, you can see how much the same or similar model has sold for in previous online auctions, and what prices other sellers have put on their watches. When you search “sell my watch” you’ll see that not every model and price tag is going to work for every platform, so it can make a difference to do your homework and figure out which place best suits your needs.

Third-Party Sales

The easiest ways to sell a watch are those involving a third party. This usually means the least involvement for you and they can also leverage expertise and customer bases that are not accessible to you. As mentioned above, there are various options.

Whichever type of third party you choose, make sure you are fully aware of the contractual obligations. Understand their process and how and when you will be paid for your watch. Remember that a third party will expect to make a profit on reselling your watch so you will always receive less than the actual resale retail value.

Keep All Of The Relevant Records

If you have ever bought a secondhand car, then you will know just how much paperwork is involved in the process from start to finish! Successful watch sales also require a good paperwork trail. The more records you have that pertain to the history and life of the watch, the more value you are going to be able to command.

When you buy a luxury watch, you should keep all receipts, the warranty, receipts, service history, and even the original box, even if, at the time of purchase, you entertain no thoughts of selling the watch in the future. The original and subsequent paperwork is proof you are selling something that is completely authentic and has been dutifully maintained for all the years that it has been in your possession.

Anybody can write a list of features and history about the watch that they are selling, but if you have the paperwork to substantiate the information you provide, you should be able to close a sale with a genuine buyer at a price you are both happy with.

Sell Your Rolex To Stein Diamonds

If you would like as little hassle as possible when selling your watch, then your local jeweler might be interested in what you have to sell. Choosing a respected establishment like Stein Diamonds, for example, is a route that plenty of people choose to go down, and they are always eager to communicate and interact with sellers who have Rolex watches for sale.

The Benefits of Selling Your Rolex To Stein Diamonds

Expert Appraisers

We’re able to offer the best prices for Rolex watches due to our extensive sales channels. We have clientele all over the world that we sell to on a regular basis, which allows us to pay top dollar for your watch knowing we can sell it quickly.

Free Insured Overnight Shipping

We offer free, fully insured overnight shipping through FedEx so your watch will arrive quickly and securely.

No Hidden Fees or Commissions

We buy watches directly, so you don’t have to worry about listing fees, commissions, or other hidden fees when you sell to Stein Diamonds.

Fast & Easy Selling Process

There’s no endless back and forth required when you sell your Rolex to Stein Diamonds. You’ll simply get a quote, accept the quote, send us your watch, and receive your payment.

Four Ways To Get Paid

You can choose between receiving a check by mail, having your money deposited in your bank, getting paid in person, having a credit applied towards a trade-in, or receiving store credit.

Sell Your Rolex To Stein Diamonds - Online

Looking to sell your Rolex watch? At Stein Diamonds you can do so from the comfort of your own home. Call, email, or submit a form with your Rolex watch’s information to get a custom quote.

Once you accept your buying offer, you will receive an email from us with a free, fully insured overnight Fedex shipping label, which you can use to deliver your watch to us. After we receive your watch and conclude its final evaluation, all you have to do is select your payment method and get paid for your watch! 

Sell Your Rolex To Stein Diamonds - In-Person

Give us a visit! One of our expert appraisers will evaluate your Rolex and provide you with our buying offer. Once you accept, you can immediately receive payment for your Rolex.

To sell your Rolex watch in person at our Los Angeles showroom, make a selling appointment by calling us at (213) 988-6743 or email [email protected].



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