How to Style a Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 2023

While diamond tennis bracelets never go out of fashion, they’re more popular than ever in 2023. This timeless jewelry design has stepped into the spotlight as one of the year’s biggest trends.

Fashion designers and style setters have been experimenting with fresh ways to style tennis bracelets. From wearing them with the most casual outfits to incorporating them into maximalist jewelry looks, here’s how to style a diamond tennis bracelet in 2023.


Tennis Bracelets as Everyday Accessories


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Diamond tennis bracelets aren’t something you need to save for special occasions. With their simple design and timeless style, tennis bracelets are the perfect accessory for casual everyday wear. A tennis bracelet looks as good with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a little black dress.

Wearing tennis bracelets with casual outfits is always a good idea, and it also happens to be one of the trendiest ways to wear them at the moment. A major jewelry styling trend for 2023 is wearing tennis bracelets with ultra casual looks.

This casual styling trend is a return to the tennis bracelet’s roots. Once called diamond eternity bracelets or diamond line bracelets, tennis bracelets earned their name when professional tennis player Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet fell off during a match. Styling tennis bracelets with lowkey attire is right in line with the spirit of wearing dozens of diamonds on the tennis court.


Tennis Bracelets and Maximalist Layering


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This year’s jewelry trends heavily favor maximalism and layering, which tennis bracelets are a perfect fit for. A classic tennis bracelet may be rather minimalist on its own. However, when paired with other jewelry designs, the shimmering diamonds in a tennis bracelet help a layered look have maximum impact.

Jewelry designers and stylists are keenly aware of the tennis bracelet’s ability to add drama to a layered jewelry look. We’ve seen tennis bracelets paired with bold rings, diamond drop earrings, eye-catching necklaces, and every other bracelet style under the sun.

The trend of layering tennis bracelets with a diverse selection of pieces offers an opportunity to express and explore your personal style. Pair your tennis bracelet with beaded bracelets, a fabric friendship bracelet, an elegant watch, or any other favorite piece. Experiment and find combinations that inspire you.


Tennis Bracelets Paired With Tennis Bracelets


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A popular styling choice for 2023 is wearing a stack of tennis bracelets in a variety of carat weights, diamond shapes, design styles, and precious metal types.

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one tennis bracelet in your jewelry collection, try wearing multiple as a chic bracelet stack. Tennis bracelets all have a similar design, so it’s easy to create a cohesive stack of them even when they’re quite different in size or style.

You can mix brilliant round-cut diamonds and step-cut baguette diamonds, larger diamonds and smaller diamonds, yellow gold and white gold bracelet settings, and various bracelet design styles. No matter how different these jewelry pieces are when it comes to details, rows of diamonds always look gorgeous together.


Tennis Bracelets and Tennis Necklaces


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Tennis bracelets aren’t the only on-trend tennis jewelry this year. Tennis necklaces are also having a moment. Like tennis bracelets, tennis necklaces consist of an endless string of diamonds. Their classic design makes them timeless pieces of jewelry.

Typically, wearing both a tennis bracelet and a tennis necklace would be reserved for a formal event. But in this year of jewelry maximalism, wearing a matching set of tennis jewelry–and a complementary pair of diamond stud earrings–is a stylish choice for any occasion.


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