The stackable wedding ring trend offers a refreshing alternative to wearing a traditional wedding ring set. It’s fun, fashionable, and a wonderful way to express your personal style. But what is the trend and how do you style it? Find out as we go over everything you need to know about stackable wedding rings.


Stackable Wedding Rings vs. Traditional Wedding Ring Sets


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To understand the stacked wedding ring trend, you need to know the difference between stacked wedding bands and traditional wedding ring sets.


A traditional wedding ring set, also known as a bridal set, contains two rings: an engagement ring and a wedding band. In some cases, traditional wedding jewelry sets can also include an anniversary ring that is worn in addition to or in place of a wedding band.


The stackable wedding ring trend is more about personal expression than following tradition. This type of ring stacking involves wearing more rings–however many you want–alongside your wedding rings. These additional rings could be worn for style purposes alone or to add symbolism.


How Many Wedding Rings Should You Stack?


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The best thing about the stackable wedding ring trend is that there are no rules. You can wear as many rings as you like on your left ring finger as you experiment with creating your perfect stack. As long as you like the way your rings look and they feel comfortable on your finger, you’re wearing the right number of rings.


To Match or Not to Match


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Do the rings in a wedding stack have to match? Absolutely not. If you want your wedding stack to match, you can choose to wear rings with the same precious metal, gemstones, and overall style. But if you want to create a more intricate or eclectic look, experiment with wearing mixed metals, different types of colored gemstones, and different styles.


How to Mix Metals & Styles


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There’s a trick to mixing different colors and styles when styling jewelry. If you want to create a cohesive ring stack, make sure there is a common thread running through all your rings.


Your rings will look more unified if they have at least one design detail in common. This design detail could be your metal color. A yellow gold diamond engagement ring will look lovely alongside yellow gold bands, regardless of the style of the bands. The linked design detail could also be gemstone color, metal finish, design style, gemstone shape, or any number of other details.


Pick a Focal Point


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While you can wear any rings you like in a wedding ring stack, most people tend to like the look of stacks that have a clear focal point. Having a mixture of more eye-catching and more minimal rings helps create a balanced look. One bold ring can take center stage, while additional rings play supporting roles.


In a wedding ring stack, the engagement ring is usually a natural focal point–especially if it has a center stone with a high carat weight. However, any eye-catching ring can be your stack’s focal point.


Stackable Bands That Tell a Story


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A wedding ring stack allows you to express your personal style and tell a meaningful story. When you add rings to your stack over time, you can use them to mark milestones or commemorate occasions.


Just like an anniversary band can be a symbol of a wedding anniversary, additional wedding rings can symbolize other occasions. A new ring could symbolize a move, a renewed commitment, or the birth of a child.


Which Wedding Band Styles Are Most Stackable?


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Any ring is stackable, but some are easier to stack than others. To help you create your perfect ring stack, we’ve curated a collection of beautiful rings that are a dream to stack. Explore the collection and find your new favorite stackable ring.


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