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Tag 'lab-grown diamonds'
Lab-Grown vs. Mined Diamond Studs 
Lab-grown & mined diamonds are more similar than they are different–but lab diamonds have some major advantages when it comes to price & sustainability. 
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April Birthstone Jewelry Gift Guide 2023
From birthstone earrings to birthstone bracelets to birthstone rings and more, there are countless different birthstone pieces that can be discovered that use sparkling diamonds. Here is a guide to pieces in a diamond birthstone jewelry collection, any of which would make the perfect birthday gift for anyone who loves meaningful presents. 
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Ethical and Sustainable Diamonds: What You Should Know 

We’re answering these questions as we go over everything you need to know about how to find a sustainable, ethical diamond. We’ll cover the difference between sustainability and ethics, then discuss three responsibly-sourced diamond options. 

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