The Perfect Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide For 2022

When the holiday season is in full flow and you haven’t even started to think about gift-giving, it’s time to get moving. Although some people love dashing about right up to Christmas Eve if you want a stress-free and relaxing Christmas, do all of your holiday shopping early to make sure all of your loved ones have been remembered long before the festivities begin.

While buying for kids is somewhat easy (thanks to all those letters to Santa), for adults it can be somewhat difficult. It’s so easy to make poor choices and buy a gift that gets consigned to a dark drawer or the back of the closet. But no one is enamored by the idea of practical gifts and anyone is rarely impressed by a gift card.

So what is affordable, beautiful, and practical? What is almost always, without fail, appreciated by the recipient? The answer is simply, jewelry! Something to add to a jewelry collection is a perfect gift.

Just think, there are bangles and bracelets, hoop earrings and diamond stud earrings, chains, pendant necklaces, and diamond necklaces and cocktail rings and stackable rings. And how to make an engagement ring even more special? A holiday proposal!

The possibilities for gifting a piece of jewelry are pretty much endless. It all depends on what the preferences of your loved one or best friend happen to be, but you can always feel secure in the fact that fine jewelry is always going to be on the ‘best luxury gift’ list year after year.

The other great thing about jewelry is that it is a great gift for women, men, and non-binary.

So, let’s take a look at some fabulous diamond jewelry that we think will make the best Christmas gifts this holiday season or any other year. If you are stuck and need some inspiration, this holiday gift guide provides a few ideas for making a meaningful addition to the jewelry box and fulfills the wish list of a person that you love!

Jewelry Gifts Under $500

If you want to make a splash but don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of great unique gift ideas in the jewelry world that can fit the bill of luxe but affordable.

Royal Crown Pendant Necklace

This is the perfect gift for a queen in your own life! You might have noticed that lots of different high-profile, luxury brands have been incorporating crowns into their designs in the last few years, so gifting this pendant to a loved one is very much on trend.

From New York to London to Paris, the crown motif is something that shows no signs of slowing in popularity, and the great thing is that this particular pendant is available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Chevron V2 Ring

A stackable-looking ring is a perfect way to achieve maximum jewelry for less cost because you are essentially getting two rings for the price of one.

We love this chevron ring in particular because it provides two different design elements for your finger; one gemstone-lined band and one beaded band that complement each other well and cover a range of personal style preferences in a single piece of jewelry.

Slender Bracelet

Bracelets are always great jewelry gift ideas because they are worn where they are visible and seen by a lot of people, especially if your recipient likes to shake hands, or talk with their hands a lot.

Thanks to the adjustable fastening, the bracelet can be worn tight or loose, and will work perfectly for several different wrist sizes so you don’t need to worry about sizing when you buy this compared to something like a ring where there is room for error!

Safety First Bracelet

If you are looking for a personalized gift that is a bit different, the Safety First bracelet is rather unique and statement-making.

The incorporation of a safety pin as the focal point design feature provides something much more interesting and different compared to other items on this list, and if you are buying for somebody who likes to rock a slightly more edgy, alternative style, then they will probably love this quirky but delightful item.

Faith Pendant Necklace

Cross pendants are still one of the most popular choices all over the world, and this faith-themed necklace is a fitting gift choice for anyone who holds the religious culture of Christmas close to their heart.

Even those who aren’t particularly religious can enjoy the classic design motif of a cross, and the way that it sits sideways on the chain provides a little bit of extra style intrigue that sets it apart from other cross pendants on the market.

Under $1000

If the stakes are a little higher and you want something with more than a hint of luxury, then here is a selection of jewelry gifts that are certainly more impressive than casual stocking stuffers!

Floral Huggie Earrings

Earrings are always a popular jewelry gift. Whether it’s extravagant chandeliers for women or single diamond studs for men’s jewelry there is such a massive range of fabulous earrings in all sorts of styles and designs,

A floral design is never going to go out of style, and these huggie earrings work great with every holiday outfit. They can be worn to dance the night away at a holiday party or when sitting with the family all wearing Christmas sweaters enjoying the festive spirit.

Entice Bangle

Bangles date back thousands and thousands of years to ancient civilizations and they can have a much more dramatic impact on the wrist than something like a tennis bracelet.

Whether you opt for sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, or gold, the solid nature of a bangle makes it feel like a substantial and meaningful gift. This bangle in particular is super versatile and can be worn just as beautifully with a casual outfit as a formal one. Perfect for the various holiday season festivities.

Interlude Diamond Ring

Something that a lot of people like to do these days is a DIY advent calendar that features a different small gift every day, and what better way to finish off this kind of calendar than with a stunning diamond ring behind the final window?

With a beautiful centerpiece stone combined with a band of studded gemstones, this ring packs a punch in the style and luxury stakes.

Diamond Star Choker

If you have a younger person to buy for and you know that they won’t appreciate something like a classic ring or cross pendant, for example, then why not take a chance on this choker instead? The choker style is something that is more associated with a youthful aesthetic, so consider this as a luxury gift for any teenagers or young adults in your life that like to express themselves in fun ways!

Rose Gold Fall Pendant

Who says that winter season gifts have to feature a design that is fitting for the holidays? If you have a loved one that prefers the aesthetic of fall compared to Christmas and winter, then consider this beautiful leaf pendant that exudes all of the natural beauty of fall.

We hope we’ve inspired you with this selection of luxury jewelry for Christmas gifts this year. This was just a selection of our fine jewelry range so feel free to browse at your leisure.

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