Why Diamond Stud Earrings Make The Perfect Gift 

When you are stuck for a special gift idea, jewelry is always a great fallback. Being a fallback doesn't mean the gift will be any less appreciated or cherished because if you think about the piece of jewelry to buy, it can have a great impact. 

If the person you are buying for is a woman, one jewelry item that stands out is a pair of diamond stud earrings. It may sound a little cliche because we all know that diamonds are a girl's best friend and everyone loves a nice piece of diamond jewelry in their collection.

Diamond earrings are a timeless symbol of style and elegance, and having the perfect pair of basic diamond studs (or, as we prefer, classic diamond studs!) is something that should be on the priority list of any true jewelry lover.

Here are 10 very good reasons why you can't go wrong with a pair of diamond studs as a gift for a special person in your life. 

1. They Evoke Timeless Style 

Lab Grown 4-Prong Round Diamond Studs "The Best"

Many diamond jewelry pieces are regarded as being timeless and classic, but there is just something about diamond studs that stand out from the crowd to make an ageless style impact.

Whether they are in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, the look of a pair of earrings with beautiful center diamonds is never going to go out of fashion, which makes them a timeless gift, knowing that they will be worn from now until the end of time!

They are so timeless that no matter what pieces of jewelry are favored or what jewelry trends come and go, a pair of classic diamond studs will always have a place. They can be included in a layered look with diamond hoop earrings and matching precious metal dangles as per the most recent trend or even in a popular boho look where a pair of finest diamond stud earrings can be the focus. 

2. They Are Super Versatile

Whether you are heading out for a casual date night, wearing a cocktail dress, meeting up with friends, or simply attending a meeting at work, the great thing about diamond studs is that they possess the versatility to be suitable for any occasion. If you have a pair of stud earrings in your jewelry collection, you'll never be stuck for the perfect accessory. 

There is great versatility to be enjoyed in the various stone options and precious metal types, with white diamonds, colorless diamonds, blue diamonds, and also black diamonds, being beautiful stones and amazing choices.

3. They Are Available In A Variety Of Cuts 

Lab Grown Pear Shape Diamond Studs 

Don't be fooled by the potentially small size of a diamond stud earring. They can still make use of a wide variety of different cuts. Between the larger stones and the smaller stones, there is lots of choice in the type of diamond cut, from round brilliant diamond to princess cut to heart-shaped and lots of other diamond cuts that look equally as stunning.

4. There are different styles

There have been a lot of mentions of classic diamond studs which do an injustice to the art and artistry of jewelry design. Yes, the classic style is a simple white diamond set in high-polished gold (shinier metals make diamonds more sparkly) but there are other diamond stud earring options.

You might see a pair in the shape of a flower, with three diamonds joined together or you might see different fancy shapes. The earrings don't have to only contain round diamonds. Cushion-cut diamonds are a popular choice for studs as are radiant-cut diamonds. They also differ in settings. As well as the traditional claw (prong setting), you'll find the bezel setting. 

Another popular design is diamond halo studs. This is a design where there is a larger center stone completely encircled by smaller stones. Halo diamond studs might have a white diamond at its center and a halo of colored stones like sapphires or even colored diamonds, or another popular style of diamond halo stud earrings is a colored stone at the center and a halo of white diamonds. 

Halo diamond engagement rings are one of the most popular choices so a matching pair of diamond halo earrings are always going to be a welcome gift. Diana, Princess of Wales had a pair of sapphire and diamond halo stud earrings that echoed her diamond and sapphire halo engagement ring (now worn by Katherine, Princess of Wales.) And talking of stars ...

5. They Are Favored By Hollywood Celebrities 

 Lab Grown Heart Shape Diamond Studs

From Marilyn Monroe to Nicole Kidman and every amazing actress in between, there is no doubt that diamond studs are one of the favored jewelry items of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars. From Old Hollywood to modern Hollywood, when you are the lucky recipient of quality diamonds, you can be sure that you are in an elite and iconic company!

6. They Exude Simple Elegance

It's clear for all to see that diamond studs are the epitome of elegance and sophistication, there isn't much more elaboration needed on this point! The simplicity of the single-stone design is unrivaled within the diamond industry. At the end of the day, you just can't beat the elegance of diamond stud jewelry!

The majority of diamond studs will always be available in a range of carat weight options, diamond sizes, and diamond shapes, so you will certainly be able to find something that makes the perfect special gift for whether it's a birthday or holiday season.

7. They Are Classically Romantic 

Lab-Grown Princess Diamond Studs

Few will argue that a piece of diamond jewelry is synonymous with romance. romantic.  You only need to look at the fact that diamonds are the most commonly used stone in engagement rings and wedding rings to understand just how linked they are with the notion of everlasting love.

If you are buying a gift for someone special in your life that you love very much, then you can't go wrong with the display of affection that diamonds evoke.

8. They Perfectly Match Diamond Engagement Rings

If you have already presented your fiance or now wife with a diamond engagement ring, you have at least one new special occasion covered. A pair of diamond studs will make a great complementary gift. An engagement ring and complimenting studs are such a classic diamond jewelry pairing and no woman is ever going to complain about having an array of diamond jewelry. 

9. They Are Ideal For A Wedding Day 

Future brides are always on the lookout for a piece of jewelry to add to their bridal ensemble, and the right diamond studs might be the last piece of the puzzle that can complete the look for their big day!

And speaking of wedding days, diamond studs are not just ideal for a bride, they are also ideal for any guest who wants to make a big statement with their outfit!

The great thing about diamond earrings and studs, in particular, is that they are the perfect level of elegance without being too distracting when put up against dresses, rings, nails, hairstyles, and everything else that it takes to complete a wedding guest ensemble.

 10. They Are Affordable

Something truly magical about diamonds is that though they are a luxury item, they have such a massive price range that a pair of diamond studs is very accessible to even small budgets.

Of course, to get an impressively-sized diamond or the best-grade diamond, you are going to have to pay the premium price tag, but even if you have a pair of tiny studs, no one can say it's not a piece of diamond jewelry. 

Where to Purchase Diamond Stud Earrings

To ensure you are buying genuine diamond stud earrings, always buy from a reputable jeweler, either in-store on online. If you are buying a piece of diamond jewelry where the stone has a carat weight of more than 0.15, the jeweler should be able to provide a diamond grading certificate. 

Go to Stein Diamonds for an interesting, unique, and gorgeous array of diamond earrings. As well as stock items, there is also a diamond stud builder that allows you to create a pair of custom diamond earrings from scratch. You can select the diamond cut type, and color of the diamonds, choose the clarity grade, decide on the metal and type of setting, and the carat of diamond you desire for your diamond jewelry gift.