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What's The Right Time To Sell Your Watch?
If you are looking for the “right” time to sell so that you can get a good price for your watch, then it is less about the “Right” time and more about the time frame. If you are willing to wait for a good price, then you are better off than if you need a quick sale. The previous example about “needing the money” often sets you on a short time limit. Whereas, if you simply want to change your watch, perhaps because your tastes have changed or you want to trade up to gold from stainless steel, then you can wait a good long time to make the sale and get a better price.
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The Perfect Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide For 2022
How To Sell Your Watch Successfully
Here are some guidelines for how to sell your watch for the best price possible, examining both physical auctions and online pre-owned watch sales.
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Gorgeous Jewelry Gifts Under $500
We have put together our gift guide for five pieces of jewelry that are stunning and versatile and all have a price of $500 or less.
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How To Build Your Own Diamond Studs
To make the perfect diamond studs, you need to know where to start and what to do. Keep on reading for a comprehensive guide on how to build a pair of diamond studs from scratch that would not be out of place in any jewelry showroom across the world!
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Guide To Wedding Band Finishes
Here is a guide to all of the different types of finishes that you can find in showrooms and online for the various precious metals that a wedding band might be made from. From popular choices in fashion jewelry to the more obscure or untraditional options, we’ve got everything listed for you to be as informed as possible in the ring-picking process!
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