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Engagement Ring Guide

Our objective at Stein Diamonds is to provide you with a seamless diamond selection process so you get to shop for the perfect engagement ring. If you are still undecided on the most ideal jewelry for that special occasion, make use of our engagement ring guide to select a piece that you and your loved one will treasure forever.

Man putting on girl finger engagement ring

Setting a Budget

We believe that your selection should not be dictated by the budget you set. However, before making a choice, it is essential for you to set a budget that you feel most comfortable with. This lets you know what are the available options that are within your means. People often have the misconception that an engagement ring needs to be expensive in order for it to be memorable. However, that is not always the case. You can still get hold of a stunning engagement ring that meets all of your expectations without going beyond your budget. Our team at Stein Diamonds can help you find a ring with a diamond or any other gemstones that work well within your budget.

Selecting a Ring

Stein Diamonds offers a wide range of ring settings but we will start off by first helping you to narrow down your options according to the partner’s style preferences, lifestyle, and personality. There are many ring styles to choose from which include solitaire, halo, and custom designs. This is the reason why having professional advice when selecting an engagement ring is important so you can look forward to a seamless selection process. As a rule of thumb, you can think about what your significant other fancies. Do they prefer a traditional style, modern outlook, or something glamorous? Depending on their preferences, you can move on to select the right engagement ring that matches their expectations.

Selecting a Diamond

There are many characteristics of diamonds that you need to evaluate. With expert advice, we can help you select the best diamond that is within your budget and in accordance with your partner’s personal preferences. We will help you to weigh the size and quality of a diamond so you can choose the right type that gives you the most value. A smaller diamond gives you a higher quality whereas a larger one with a lower cut grade can offer you the same quality. There are also naturally-minded diamonds and a lab-created diamond which are two different options at different prices. With guidance from our team, you can select the exact engagement ring that is within your budget while still offering all the characteristics you are looking for.

Jewelry Care 

Jewelry pieces are so precious and require long-term care to remain in their best shape for an extended period of time. Performing basic care and giving your jewelry regular attention can help to preserve its quality and protect it for many more years to come. At Stein Diamonds, our specialists will provide you with the right care guidelines which you can follow to ensure you get to enjoy the sparkle of your jewelry for a lifetime. Contact us for all your jewelry needs!