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Find Your Ring Size

To help you find your ring size for a comfortable fit, our jewelry experts at Stein Diamonds have put together a complete ring size guide that includes measuring tips that you can follow at home. We have helped countless couples find an engagement ring or wedding ring that fits them perfectly.

Jeweler checks the size of the gold ring

Standard Ring Sizes

If you are shopping for a ring for someone else, it is best to simply ask them for their ring size. If it is meant to be a surprise, you can find out their ring size from their friends or family. There are plenty of ways to ask someone about their ring size without raising any suspicions. The average ring size for women can range from size 3 to size 9. The most common rings purchased by women range between size 5 and size 7 with size 6 being the most popular. For men, the average size available ranges from size 6 to size 13 and the most commonly purchased rings range between size 8 to size 10 1/2. For men, the most popular size is 9. These standard ring sizes will point you in the right direction in selecting the right size that gives the best fit. If you are not able to locate the right ring size in our catalog, reach out to our experts at Stein Diamonds and we will be able to perform customizations to the style that you are looking at.

Measuring Ring Size at Home

It is easy to measure your own ring size at home. All you need are some materials like a string or paper, a pen, and a ruler. Simply tie the ring around your finger and mark with a pen the point where the ends meet. Take a ruler to measure the string or paper. Pick the closest measurement that can be found on the ring size chart to determine your personal ring size.

Ring Resizing

Ring resizing can be done to ensure that you enjoy the most comfortable fit for ease of wearing. The resizing process involves removing or adding small amounts of metal depending on the difference in size that is needed. This can cause your ring to look slightly thinner or thicker after resizing has been done. These are tiny changes that are usually barely visible. Our experts at Stein Diamonds adhere to strict quality standards when performing any resizing to ensure your ring retains its condition before it is returned to you.

What to Do if You Bought the Wrong Ring Size?

Stein Diamonds believes in offering top-notch service to our clients so as to ensure you get to enjoy a seamless transaction. If you bought a ring that is of the wrong size, simply reach out to our sales consultants and we will perform the necessary resizing for you. Alternatively, you may also wish to purchase a different ring in the right size with a new design. Regardless of your requests, our team is always around to ensure you enjoy full satisfaction through your experience shopping with us.