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Wedding Ring Guide

There are several differences between wedding rings for men and women. To help you select the most ideal design for yourself and your partner, take a look at our wedding ring guide. Alternatively, you can walk into our retail store to seek professional advice from our experienced sales consultants who can help you evaluate the different characteristics of a wedding ring.

Gold wedding rings on white

Wedding Ring Shopping

One of the easiest ways to start your search for the perfect wedding ring is to use your current engagement ring as a reference. There may be times when you can easily rock your wedding ring on your own but you would want to make sure it can complement your engagement ring too as you will be wearing them together. You can make a trip down to our retail store to try the wide range of wedding rings that we offer, including styles that you may not have ever considered before. Select the wedding ring that feels comfortable on your finger and choose something that easily reflects your personality. You can also choose a wedding ring that looks great on its own as well as when paired with your engagement ring.

Metal Wedding Rings

There are many types of metals that are used to manufacture wedding rings. You can consider options like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, and platinum which are amongst the most common metals. There are also alternatives like tungsten which are rare but still available. Most brides prefer their wedding ring to have the same type of metal that is in their engagement ring. If you are looking to maintain the same style, this can easily help you to narrow down your options. You may wish to select a slightly different style so as to let your wedding ring stand out. It is also essential to select the type of metal that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Ring Stones

Most couples wish to add stones and gems to their wedding rings to have that sense of uniqueness. Diamonds are one of the most popular options which add lots of flair to wedding rings. You also need to consider your lifestyle as wedding rings with stones are not recommended to be worn when you are participating in vigorous activities that may scratch or damage the stones. However, there are certain styles of wedding rings that are designed to keep stones secure.

Wedding Ring Engraving

There are countless ways to make the metal of your wedding ring stand out and one of them is to get it engraved. However, intricate engraving may trap dirt and will require regular cleaning. Thus, consider your options carefully to decide whether having your wedding ring engraved is indeed something that you are looking for.

Wedding Ring Width

The widths of wedding rings range from 1mm to 8+mm and selecting the right width is one of the biggest choices that you will have to make. Most brides will match the width of their wedding ring to that of their engagement ring which is usually between 2mm and 4mm. You can also mix the widths to create a distinct outlook when the two rings are worn together.