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About Stein Diamonds

Overview and Philosophy
Stein Diamonds is a family-owned, privately-held company. We believe in old-fashioned business ethics and in our book having a satisfied customer is more important than the bottom line. We are able to offer high-quality diamonds, jewelry and watches at our very competitive prices because we are in the wholesale jewelry manufacturing business. We have also been in the retail side of diamond jewelry for over 25 years and have built our reputation by being honest and understanding with our customers. It is our goal to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase and to be your jewelry provider for generations to come. We know the internet can be impersonal at times, but we strive to cross that barrier with our policies and personalized service. We hope you chose to make us part of your next jewelry purchase and appreciate your time on our website.
The Stein Diamonds Family
Stein Diamonds traces its roots to the early 1980s when our founder arrived in the U.S. via Belgium. Our founder set up a small retail store in Los Angeles. From then, he instilled in his family and workers that their motto would always be customer first. He realized that the American jewelry business was not as clean or friendly as the one he had left in Europe. He vowed to keep the tradition of open, honest customer service attached to his company's name. Now, over 20 years later, his family carries on his mission. The business was expanded over the years, and eventually grew to include wholesale jewelry manufacturing. Stein Diamonds works with upscale, exclusive boutiques all over the country, from New York to Los Angeles, Atlanta to San Francisco which sell Stein Diamonds fine diamond rings, pendants, and other jewelry.
Stein Diamonds Today
We still like to interact with our clientele on a daily basis even though we have expanded into the online sector of the industry. We take careful measures to ensure that every transaction made online is secure and verified. The sales team at Stein Diamonds takes extra special care to contact credit card companies directly to be sure that no unwanted transactions pass through our barriers. has been live online for over a year and is confident that our security measures will keep our clientele secure in all purchases. We offer you the same high-quality pieces that we are known for in the industry at significantly lower prices than our online competitors. And,when you buy with Stein Diamonds, you can be sure that you are not buying from a large, impersonal corporation, but a family-owned, family-first company. We look forward to having you and your family as our customers for years to come. We appreciate your time on our site.