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Lab Grown Diamonds

Learn all about lab-grown diamonds and find your perfect match in our collection of beautiful lab-created diamond jewelry.

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Advantages of

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Timeless Beauty

With identical physical and optical properties, lab-grown diamonds are just as durable and beautiful as natural diamonds.

Excellent Value

Lab-grown diamonds can cost up to 50% less than mined diamonds, allowing you to save money or get a better diamond within your budget.

Responsible Origins

Lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab rather than mined, making them a responsible choice with easily traced origins.

Creating a

Lab-Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical structure, physical qualities, and optical properties as natural diamonds. The primary difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is how they’re made. Natural diamonds form naturally in the earth, while lab-grown diamonds form under carefully controlled conditions in a lab.

Today, there are two primary methods of creating a lab-grown diamond: the high pressure high temperature method and the chemical vapor deposition method.

The high pressure high temperature (HPHT) method mimics how diamonds form naturally in the earth. To make an HPHT diamond, scientists place a diamond seed into pure carbon, then expose it to extreme pressure and heat. This causes the carbon to melt and form a diamond around the diamond seed.

The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method involves using carbon-rich gas. To make a CVD diamond, scientists place a diamond seed into a vacuum chamber. They then fill the chamber with carbon-rich gas and heat it to an extreme temperature. This causes carbon atoms to separate from the gas and begin building a diamond around the diamond seed.

Whether a lab-grown diamond was created using the HPHT method or the CVD method, the diamond will need to be cut and polished before being used in jewelry. Just like natural diamond formation methods, these laboratory formation methods create raw diamonds. Artisans carefully cut and polish raw diamonds to maximize their beauty and create the brilliant gemstones you know and love.

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