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Diamond Care

Diamond is the toughest natural substance on Earth. It is able to cut through any kind of metal or rock and can only be cut by another piece of diamond. To burn a diamond, you need to heat it up to at least 1290 to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, yet a mere human touch can cause it to lose its shine. Here are some diamond care tips to help you maintain the luster of your diamond jewelry.

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Handle Diamond Sparingly

Diamonds attract grease easily so they are not that easy to keep clean. When handling diamonds, the grease from your fingers can stick to the surface of the diamonds and affect their shine and brilliance. 

Clean Diamond Regularly

The simplest way to keep your diamond jewelry looking shiny is to soak it in a mild degreasing solution. This can be in the form of a mixture of water and mild dish soap. Use this solution to soak your jewelry at least once or twice a week. Upon removing the diamond jewelry from the solution, make use of a clean, soft toothbrush to get rid of any dirt or dust. The toothbrush should be exclusively used for jewelry cleaning only to prevent getting any contaminants onto your diamond which can cause scratches or marks. Use the toothbrush to reach every nook and cranny like on the back of the diamond which usually collects a lot of oil and dirt.

Using Gentle Touch

Antique jewelry has older prongs that hold the diamond in place. This fragile setting should not be handled vigorously. Gently rub it out if you must with a toothbrush in soft motions. Following this, rinse out your diamond jewelry with water before drying it up with a soft cloth that is free of lint. If you are doing this process over the sink, make sure to close the drain in case you drop your jewelry.

Avoid Harmful Solutions

Abrasives or chlorine bleach should never be used when you are cleaning diamond jewelry. Chlorine can damage some of the metals used to blend gold for diamond jewelry whereas abrasives can scratch precious metals like gold.

Using Ultrasonic Cleaners with Caution

At times, an ultrasonic cleaner is necessary to get rid of encrusted dirt found on diamonds. The cleaner sends low frequency waves through a solution to remove accumulated grime and dirt. However, they are also able to shake loose stones from their mountings or cause the girdles of diamonds to chip when they are positioned next to each other. Make use of ultrasonic cleaners cautiously if your diamond contains feathers or it has been treated through the fracture filling method. Always refer to the instruction manual of an ultrasonic cleaner to ensure that your diamond jewelry is indeed safe to treat through this method.

General Diamond Care Tips

  • Do not wear your diamond jewelry when you are about to perform vigorous activities like going to the gym or hiking. Even though diamond is the most durable natural substance, it can still be chipped by a hard blow. 
  • Do not let your diamond jewelry come into contact with chlorine bleach. Remove your jewelry when doing household chores.

Visit your jeweler at least once a year to determine if your diamond jewelry needs repair or maintenance.