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Jewelry Care

Jewelry care does not necessarily need to be difficult or expensive. It is comprised of several basic steps that can help you preserve the condition of your jewelry to let you enjoy their sparkle for an extended period of time. Use these simple tips as guidelines to keep your jewelry in their best condition.

Woman hands cleaning and polishing golden jewelry at home

Storing Your Jewelry

Because of the rarity and high value of certain jewelry, some people may choose to store their jewelry in a safe when not in use. For individual gemstones, it is recommended for you to make use of a soft pouch to prevent them from getting into contact with other hard surfaces that can cause scratches and markings. Silver jewelry is best stored in a cool and dry place like inside a piece of cloth or felt. There are also special jewelry boxes that can help keep your jewelry clean and secure at all times. Proper storage of your jewelry can help keep them sparkly for an extended period of time.

Keeping Your Jewelry Away from Wood

Avoid leaving your jewelry on wood or other chemically-treated surfaces. These surfaces can stain your jewelry or speed up their tarnishing process.

Keeping Your Jewelry Away from Sunlight

Gemstones can easily lose their color and appear dull when exposed to direct sunlight. Find a suitable location away from too much light so as to retain their gleam. You can make use of an opaque bag and keep it inside a drawer.

Putting Your Jewelry on Rotation

Jewelry is not designed to be worn around the clock. Give your jewelry a break from time to time so as to help maintain their vibrant appearance. If you must, remove your jewelry at bedtime and let it “rest” for several hours a day while you sleep.

Storing Silver with Chalk

Chalk is highly absorbent and is effective in absorbing moisture. Storing your silver with chalk can help to prevent it from losing its shine. Alternatively, you can make use of silica packs or dehumidifiers.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

When using ultrasonic cleaners, you need to be very careful. Only certain types of gemstones can handle ultrasonic vibrations. For diamonds, there are specific cleaners to keep them shiny. These solutions often contain ammonia and water. Use them along with a soft brush to remove any dust or dirt from building up. For silver jewelry, you can make use of a silver polishing cloth. It can be used on its own or along with a special silver cleaning solution.

Caring for Your Diamonds

Engagement rings and wedding bands are usually worn on a daily basis. Over time, they may appear to have lost their sparkle and the appearance can be affected if they are not cleaned regularly. Lotions can cause a film to appear on diamonds which further reduces their sheen. If you perform rough work, avoid wearing your diamond jewelry. The same goes for when you are going swimming in the pool or soaking in the hot tub. You should also avoid touching diamonds with your bare fingers as smudges can form and affect their luster.