If you are a follower of fashion and accessories, then you will know that the fall season is an exciting and anticipated season of the year when it comes to statement pieces and experimenting with different pieces of jewelry and jewelry styles.

From diamond earrings to diamond necklaces to delicate chains to pearl earrings to colorful gemstones to sterling silver and more, there is just something about the autumn that makes the widest range of precious metals and precious gemstones available to you at any time. 

Whether you prefer natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, white gold, yellow gold, colored gemstones or something else, the great thing about fall jewelry is that there is always going to be something in the prevailing trends that fits your personal style. From the latest fashion trends to classic designs that are never going to go out of style, there is so much to experiment with at this time of the year. It is perfect for anyone with an extensive collection at their fingertips!

To point you in the right direction, here is a list of some of the biggest jewelry trends that are prominent in Fall 2023.

One Of A Kind Jewelry 



In 2023, people are no longer content with cookie-cutter styles and classic pieces; instead, they're actively on the hunt for distinctive designs that align more closely with their own personal fashion preferences. Modern jewelry enthusiasts want the freedom to engage in a creative journey, where the allure of features like white metals and black diamonds adds to a unique appeal. An increasing number of diamond jewelry lovers are embracing a spirit of adventure, making 2023 a time for exploration and self-expression across the board!

Fancier Cuts



2023 is very much about celebrating more of the fancier shapes of diamonds in jewelry design. There are of course the elegantly timeless cut like the emerald cut, but there are also a whole bunch of much more unique and interesting shapes to explore such as half moons, baguettes, trapezoids and heart gems. Don't be afraid to show more of your fancy side this year!

Double Engagement Rings


Diamond jewelry is obviously very much associated with engagement and marriage, and in 2023,  it is very much a case of two rings being better than one! You will notice a trend of brides having a pair of engagement rings rather than a single one, with the aim of having your wedding ring encased between two beautiful, quality diamond rings. Doing this adds so much depth and customization to the finger. It also gives more than a passing nod to the layering trend that is so popular right now.

Pairing Small With Large



It's all about playing with different sizes in 2023, and this is perfectly exemplified by the inclusion of both large and small diamonds on a single piece. Alternating your diamond sizes can be not just visually stunning, but cost-effective as you don't have to buy stones that are all of an equally large carat size to achieve an effect. Experiment with pairing up gems of different and different sizes for a more bohemian, funky look. Single stones with pavé set sections is always a good look, especially in a pair of earrings.

Diamond Watches 



Don't forget that watches are included in the full range of jewelry accessories that you have at your disposal. From square to round to chunky to vintage to new and everything in between, there is a diamond watch out there to suit any personal style or preference. If you treat diamond watches in the same way that you would treat diamond bracelets, you start to see all of the different style possibilities that pairing the perfect diamond watch can open up.

Colored Diamonds 


Colored diamonds are very much at the top of everyone's style list in Fall 2023. Of course, white diamonds are always going be to a straight-up classic, but this year the door has been opened up to play around with as many different colors of gemstone as you would like. The more uncommon the pairings, the better as far as we are concerned! Think blue and pink, or green and red!

Punk Details 



The dangerous and delicious style of designers like Alexander McQueen has been revered ever since the punk movement began, and there is definitely going to be a resurgence in 2023. More and more of us are starting to add touches of punk style in our everyday looks. Think things like safety pins in bracelets, chain link earrings, bolder pieces, mixed metals, chunky chains and chunky earrings.

Pinky Rings

Don't forget about your pinky finger when selecting rings to wear! After all, where better to place a beautiful diamond than on your pinky!? Pinky rings might be slightly smaller, but they can still pack a huge punch no matter what kind of metal or gemstones you prefer to wear.

Single Stone 


Of course, if you prefer some more timeless styles, then you can't go wrong with a single stone piece. When you pick the right kind of diamond, it doesn't matter that there is only one, because it will have the power and personality of something twice its size. The great thing about investing in a good single-stone piece is that you can rely on it to be on trend pretty much every year.

Conscious Mindset

And one final trend that we can't leave unmentioned is the turn towards a wide range of more eco-friendly options in the jewelry world. The diamond industry has unfortunately long been plagued by malpractice and unethical activity, and for this reason alone a lot of more responsible jewelry lovers are exploring the options for lab-grown diamonds in 2023. They are the same and natural diamonds in all sense other than the fact they are grown in lab conditions in a faster time, and you never have to worry about the history of how the stones were gathered.

Whether you want classic and timeless or something bang on trend for Fall 2023, we have a wide range at Stein Diamonds for you to browse at your leisure. We're confident you'll find the perfect piece to add to your collection.