Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas For The Minimalistic Fashionista

With February 14th just around the corner, those of you in relationships are undoubtedly busying yourselves with trying to come up with a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner!

Of course, the perfect gift is different for everybody, but you can rely on jewelry gifts as always being appreciated and treasured! If you have a loved one who loves to add to their ever-expanding jewelry collection, then any item of fine jewelry is a great gift.

The great thing about Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts is the sheer range. There’s something for every budget from simple sterling silver chain necklaces to super expensive diamond tennis bracelets and all price points in between. You can find stud earrings, pearl necklaces, signet rings, chokers, and so on. Add in the styles, designs, color choices, different materials as well as the number of jewelry designers and brands, and the list is practically infinite.

That is fantastic but it can also be extremely overwhelming. Normally, the advice is to look at your giftee’s own jewelry choices to get inspiration for what to buy but not every woman has a signature look. You will find that most women have quite an eclectic jewelry collection, so another pointer for ideas is the latest trends.

A trendy movement seen in jewelry design in the last few years is minimalism. The advantage of this is that with simplicity, it’s hard to make the wrong choice.

Here is our minimalistic jewelry gift guide for items that any stylish fashionista will be delighted to open as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

KISS Rose Gold Bangle

Simple bangles are a classic of minimalist jewelry. They showcase the elegance of fine jewelry without the embellishments that are a feature of an item such as a charm bracelet.

This bangle is in rose gold, the precious metal that is hugely popular right now and the great thing is that rose gold suits all different skin tones.

The row of pave white diamonds makes this bangle blingy without being showy.

Mogo White Gold Triangle Stud Earrings

If your partner has pierced ears, earrings are a very suitable jewelry gift idea. Not everyone likes long dangly earrings, but you don’t have to worry about that with these smart and stylish white gold triangle studs.

Minimalism and geometric shapes are pretty much a match made in heaven, and the triangle is something that we don’t often see in fine jewelry which makes these particular earrings even more unique and tempting.

White gold is another classic precious metal choice, and just the same as something like sterling silver, it is completely versatile and will look great with any kind of outfit choice. This makes it a perfect gift if your partner is somebody who likes to experiment and mix things up with their fashion regularly.

Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Shaped Choker

In the world of necklaces, you can’t get any more minimalistic than a choker! This simple gold chain is accented with five small but sweet heart-shaped diamond-filled embellishments.

Chokers are a very versatile option as they work with almost any neckline. In terms of the metal choice, it should be remembered that yellow gold is a metal that is much better suited to warmer skin tones.

Royal Crown Pendant Necklace

Large pendant necklaces can be quite overpowering and it’s a bold decision to buy something very eye-catching for someone else.

This small royal crown design on an 18-karat white gold chain has so much appeal. The crown is perfect to present to your princess with such a symbolic message on a special day. The charm is minimalist but evokes images and vibes of designers like Alexander McQueen and iconic Vivienne Westwood who, while not particularly associated with minimalism herself, is still a great fashion figure to be associated with in your style!

Interlude Diamond Ring

One of the most popular things to do on Valentine’s Day is to get down on one knee and pop the all-important question to your loved one.

If you are planning on proposing marriage this Valentine’s Day, then you are going to need a suitably show-stopping ring to do so. Minimalism and diamond engagement rings don’t always go hand in hand, but this Interlude ring feels simple and understated whilst still clearly being a piece of jewelry that is intended for an extra special occasion.

With a ring like this in your pocket, you don’t have to worry about the answer that you are going to get!

Slender Chain Bracelet

To fit a description of minimalism, it is fair to say that the thinner the chain, the better the effect. l. This Slender chain bracelet is perfect for displaying a nuance of glamour and sparkle to the wrist, while not crossing over into too much bling territory.

The thin chain combined with the rigid line of channel-set sparkling gemstones provides the best of both worlds in a single elegant piece.

Sleek Diamond Necklace

And if you want to go all out and find a necklace to match the minimalist vibe of the Slender chain bracelet, then look no further than this Sleek diamond necklace. They share enough similarities to be used as a matching set, while each also has enough style presence to be worn separately on any occasion.

This gives the recipient plenty of different options to utilize the pieces in as many different ways as they can. When it comes to jewelry gifts, the best ones are always the ones that can be worn with many outfits and in loads of different looks.

If you think that any of the pieces listed above are going to be perfect for your Valentine’s Day gift this year, then don’t hesitate to head over to the website to add them to your cart before others have the same idea and demand gets too high! We encourage you to spend some time exploring everything we have to offer at Stein Diamonds. We can promise that you will find exactly what you have been looking for. And you won’t have to run to Amazon or Etsy to find something at the very last minute!