Platinum is one of the most preferred metals for exquisite jewelry because of its shiny, silver-colored tone. Designer Louis Cartier popularized the metal in exquisite jewelry around the end of the nineteenth century, and his unique use of it brought out both its shine and robustness. It grew in popularity over the twentieth century, and it is now the preferred ring material for many couples. Are you thinking about getting platinum rings for your wedding? Continue reading for a buying guide for platinum wedding rings.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Platinum Rings

Platinum wedding rings are incredibly durable. It is more prone to minor scratches than other metals and may begin to take on a matte look similar to fine leather; yet, these scratches certainly make platinum jewelry more robust and elegant.

Furthermore, platinum is inherently hypoallergenic, making it suitable for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. It's a flexible option that can handle a range of metal sensitivities. Platinum rings look especially striking when paired with gleaming diamonds. When you consider its ageless quality, it's simple to see why it's so popular.

One disadvantage would be its weight, as platinum is thicker than 14k or 18k gold. Platinum rings could also be more costly than gold rings.

What to Look Out for in Platinum Rings

Before you purchase a platinum ring, there are several considerations you should look out for:

  • Type of certification: An authentic platinum ring should contain an imprint certifying that it is platinum, as well as the percent of the platinum composition.
  • Platinum purity levels: The platinum composition of a platinum ring must be listed. If it is labeled 950, it is 95 percent platinum, indicating a high degree of purity. If there is no mark, it signifies it contains less than 50% platinum or none at all. Some platinum rings include palladium. Palladium is somewhat harder than platinum, making it much more scratch-resistant and more difficult to resize. It's also a little deeper in tone, lacking the added sheen that platinum provides.
  • Do platinum rings keep their color? Platinum will retain its hue, unlike white gold, which requires re-plating on a regular basis.

Caring for Platinum Rings

Platinum is extremely corrosion-resistant, making it a low-maintenance metal. Platinum's magnificent silvery-white tone, as well as its brilliant shine, is one of the reasons it is so valuable. It will also keep its color over time, although other metals may lose it as they age.

Platinum is simple to polish at home, which saves time and money because it does not need to be cleaned by a professional jeweler. To clean it, use a soft cleanser or mild dish soap and warm water.

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